Below are a variety of testimonials from our customers regarding Boston Energy Wind Power Service Inc and the work our technicians have done at their sites. Just further proof of how professional and reliable Boston Energy Wind Power Service Inc are!

I just wanted to convey my thanks to you and the team for the first class support you’ve provided Ørsted on London Array. Your companies flexibility and services made our challenges less so, notwithstanding the excellent attitude and professionalism of the technicians provided, especially Adrian and Jonny to name but two.

Thanks again and I wish all the team deserved ongoing successes in the exciting renewable sector.

Ørsted, London Array Adrian Macklin

Thanks to all at Boston Energy for the staff that were provided. The technicians provided were both adequately trained and more importantly had a great ownership towards all Health & Safety Aspects. This is essential when working in small teams in the industry that we do. They engaged with all areas of site and fully worked as part of the team. Good work and here is to the same again next year.

Siemens Wind Power Limited, Sherringham Shoal Shawn Eglen

As a new company in the wind turbine industry, Boston Energy has shown a good effort in providing us with good and experienced technicians. Good as well as bad situations has been handled quickly and in a good fashion. Initially there was a lot of communication, but Boston Energy quickly became more familiarised with MVOW and they have found a fine level, where the cooperation is good. The need for safety performance on site has been fully backed up from the Boston Energy management.

The majority of the technicians has been very competent and quite a lot of them in our high performer class. We have seen that some of our top performers are coming from Boston Energy. Most of the technicians has shown a good flexibility in their daily work, also in shifting of working hours on short notice.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, Belfast Harbour Pre-Assembly Bo Karlsbjerg

Huge compliments to the Boston Energy team for the job they have done, it has been a pleasure to work with you.

Thanks for working tirelessly during Christmas to facilitate, being great colleagues and showing passion for what we do.

Vestas Solberg

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to you and your team for the service you’ve provided this season, not only the supply of trained, competent and approachable technicians but also the swift manner in which issues have been dealt with. Particularly the attention of replacing the technicians PPE and life jackets. There has been no delay and the exchange went smoothly and without issue.

All of the Boston Energy technician’s onsite have proved most valuable this season both out in the field doing their day to day tasks and onsite attending safety meetings, toolbox talks and also in contributing towards the development of the team. Noticed by Siemens and DONG, the number of Hazard Observation submissions has been consistently good from the start and this goes to show the dedication and commitment to working in a safe environment. Please pass on my thanks.

I would like to think the same team will be back next year, considering their experience on this site and relationship with myself and Miriam.

Siemens Energy Francois Low, Rope Access Technical Supervisor

The report from our technicians was also very positive and the cooperation with your guys excellent, even if not everything ran according to plan (Kings Lynn). But nobody could have foreseen. Thank you for the good team and I look forward to further cooperation.

Vensys Energy AG Roman Schmidt, Commercial Manager